Office Scenting For Productivity And Well-Being

Our office scenting services do more than just provide your workspace with a great scent. Did you know that a relaxing and welcoming office culture makes it easy to work and play hard, no matter your industry. Creating a space where employees feel inspired and motivated to do their best work is a critical consideration for any business leader.

We all know that scents have such a profound impact on our mood, our memory, and of course energy levels, making it a priority to ensure that your office space is curated accordingly for customers as well as employees. Check out our latest tips for scenting your office to boost productivity at work and let the power of aromatherapy do its thing.

scent diffuser’s for the office

While our home scent diffusers are quite popular, our office scenting solutions will provide a more tailored experience for your business not only for your employees, but also with building brand awareness through the power of scent marketing. The line of HVAC powered diffusers offer a better scent distribution throughout the entire office space without leaving behind any harmful residues.

Scents for the workplace


While there are plenty of diffuser aromas to choose from to scent your space, it’s a great idea to narrow down your options according to your scenting goals. We’ve chosen three of our scents below as a starting point to help bring the right mood into the office.

  • The Power Of Citrus : Did you know that citrus scents are known for curbing digestion and nausea, as well as antioxidant protection? If you want a strong citrus inspired essential oil for the diffuser check out our Winn Scent, Secret Scent and our Aqua di Miami.
  • Get Calming With Jasmine: Well known for its ability to boost your mood and reduce stress, a jasmine essential oil is another great choice for scenting your office space. Our Jasmine Fleur scent is a top seller and provides a fantastic Jasmin scent throughout your spaces.
  • Eucalyptus: Our Eucalyptus scent oil boasts a crisp, clean and strong note of eucalyptus that helps clear the mind and awaken your senses to stay focus while working. This scent works really great in wellness centers and spas, as well if you’re feeling a flu coming on we cannot recommend this one enough.

You can shop all of our scents to find other aromas that may speak to your vibe, and remember changing up your scenting machine is quick and easy so you can change them when you want a different vibe. In The Magic Scent office we will change with the seasons or when a new scent is created, it’s fun and creates a positive well-being for our staff and all customers who visit us in store.

Avoid traditional air fresheners

Just say no to aerosol spray cans which more than often irritate those who are prone to allergies, as well those that suffer from asthma. Aerosol air fresheners can also cause skin irritation, mind-numbing migraines and mucosal symptoms. Oil diffusers are a much safer alternative when diffused with our therapeutic-grade and perfume-quality scented essential oils.


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