Romantic Scents For Your Home That Set The Mood

We all know that smell is one of our strongest senses, and certain scents actually have a potent aphrodisiac effect on people which in turn inspires more romance and intimacy. Come take a look at how certain scents can increase desire and set the right tone for a special night in with your loved one. Since changing scents for a different mood is so easy with The Magic Scent’s lineup of diffusers, why not take date night to a whole new level?

Whether your night of romance starts off at the dinner table, movies to the lounge and of course the bedroom why not have the right scent throughout the house? There are many options when it comes to deciding how to diffuse your romantic scent of choice, but we recommend our cold-air, nebulizing diffusers as the safest, lowest-maintenance, and highest quality scenting experience all the time, any time.

#1 Rose Elixir Diffuser Oil

Our Rose Elixir diffuser oil scent frees the mind with a mystical fragrance of Bulgarian rose oil, evoking ethereal beauty and fiery passion while calming the mind. Called “the queens of flowers,” these rose blossoms are hand-picked early in the morning to preserve their delicate scent. Complementing their prominence are a lemony twist, rich green mint, violet leaves, and the depth of musk.

#2 Vibe Diffuser Oil


Our Vibe diffuser oil scent bestows a sensual experience that opens with violet leaf and unfolds into a heart of fruity jasmine and peppery vanilla and cinnamon. A warm base of oak moss, suede and amber puts delicious polish on this confection with all of the glamour and intrigue of art and fashion. This one is a personal favorite and is great for those who love flowers.

#3 Mahogany & Teakwood Diffuser Oil

Our Mahogany & Teakwood diffuser oil scent sparks confidence with sensual wood accords both wild and clean. Zesty vetiver and musk grounded in amber and patchouli complement the fragrance, accented with a whisper of lavender. The fragrance opens with a crisp freshness and unfolds in an undeniably attractive fusion of woody accords and breezy luster. This scent is really magical and has its own presence when diffused, we especially recommend this one for those wanting to impress on a first date at the bachelor pad.

#4 Vanilla Diffuser Oil

Our Vanilla diffuser oil scent indulges and soothes with the sweetness of a love story. The mystique of tonka bean and delightful cream awaken your senses. Heliotrope lends sensual aroma with a powdery meringue profile with a helping of almond. The pampering atmosphere continues with languorous oriental sugarcane. A fragrance delicious and intoxicating and you cannot go wrong with this to set a romantic tone throughout your house.

#5 Secret Diffuser Oil

While this is no secret, this diffuser scent is inspired by Victoria’s Secret which is a brand name synonymous with romance and delight. Our Secret diffuser oil scent shines with heavenly floral freshness and notes of white musk, elegantly rounded by jasmine and rose. This modern fragrance balances and harmonizes with the feeling of petals spread across fresh linen. Luminous and warm, the optimistic formulation evokes modern beauty and playful romance.

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