Tea Infused Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

We all know tea is a beloved beverage that’s been traditionally enjoyed for thousands of years. While most people realize there are benefits to drinking tea regularly, the aromatic benefits of tea are often not discussed enough, and we aim to do something about that. Science has come to learn that there may be some distinct benefits to just the smell of tea alone, something we’ve been saying for a while now and promoting with our tea infused diffuser scents.

Tea’s aromatherapeutic uses are less widely known than the benefits of drinking tea although recent studies continue to shine light on this promising area of aromatherapy and well-being. We know that

Regular tea drinkers may tell you that the aroma of well-brewed tea is calming in and of itself. As it turns out, they’re not wrong. Back in 2005 there was one study published that found that the diffusion of jasmine tea produced a calming, yet invigorating states of well-being and mood in twenty-four human subjects in their trials. The researchers of that study concluded that the aroma of jasmine “had sedative effects on both autonomic nerve activity and mood states.”

There was another study published In 2018 out of Japan found similar effects when the aroma of black tea was inhaled by the participants. The subjects of the study were given stress-inducing arithmetic problems. The researchers found that “inhaling black tea aroma may diminish stress levels caused by arithmetic mental stress tasks.” The scent of one black tea in particular (Darjeeling) even “tended to improve mood before mental stress load.

Diffuser Scents Infused With Tea

The Magic Scent has a few tea infused essential oils for aromatherapy needs in the shop right now and below are a list of our top, non-toxic, scents that work in all of our diffusers. These scents are perfect for setting a calm and relaxing mood within your spaces and we even offer sample sizes so you can make sure you pick the right tea scent for your home or office.

White Tea Essential Oil

Our White Tea diffuser oil scent sparkles with the heady pleasure of festivities, as lily and vanilla bloom amid the crisp, sensual air of a hilltop tea estate. Deeper layers of sensuality swirl in amber, luminous musk, and cedarwood. This delicate combination of relaxing notes provides the tranquil emotion of a resort spa environment.

Green Tea & Lemongrass Essential Oil

Our Green Tea & Lemongrass diffuser oil enchants with main accords of herbal brightness enhanced by aromatic citrus and chic lightness. Jasmine, musk, lily, and amber are masterfully balanced to soften and intrigue. A captivating blend, it begins with sophisticated intoxicating notes and imparts a luscious mood of rich indulgence.

Mandarin Blossom Essential Oil

Our Mandarin Blossom diffuser oil scent fuses sandalwood, musk, and vanilla in a visionary blend delicately smoothed with mandarin and rounded out with hints of bergamot and lotus. A sophisticated invocation of an island paradise. Stir the senses with this blend guaranteed to calm the senses and inspire feelings of secluded relaxation.

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