Summer Scenting Tips: The Best Fragrances for the Season

Take a moment to recall your favorite summer memories. Maybe a beach vacation, or picnics in the park, or driving with the windows down to feel the slippery breeze on your skin. So many of our sense memories are connected deeply to fragrance, and part of why these moments are so memorable is the scents that accompanied them.

The art of formulating fragrances is highly technical and can achieve incredible notes that deliver exactly the smell of ocean air, warm florals and grasses, and the ozonic and earthy tones one might encounter on a drive.

As you select fragrances for scenting your environments this summer, we suggest setting aside the cozy notes of winter and the bright floral notes of spring. Instead, explore fragrances that inspire the moods you wish to inhabit. Create the settings of a bright, fresh, radiant summer fill of connection and newness.

We offer these summer scenting tips based on certain notes that convey the very essence of the season of luscious sweltering days.

Summer-Blooming Florals

Nothing suggest summertime quite like the warm scents of summer-blooming flowers. Try fragrances with olfactory notes of lavender or hibiscus.


Exudes confidence and dynamism. Essences of lavender, magnolia, and pink grapefruit refresh and stimulate the senses.

Hints of Citrus
Citric notes bring a freshness to a space but with a sweet body that captivates. Look for fragrances with touches of orange, lemon, lime, or a blend of citrus.


Aqua di Miami
An encapsulation of coastal grace, clean notes of fresh breeze and citrus combine with a horizon of woody mineral.

Tropical Notes
Imagine yourself unwinding at the heart of a property in an exotic tropical locale. Now infuse your spaces with this heady feeling for a season of bliss.



Mandarin Blossom
A sophisticated invocation of an island paradise. A fusion of tropical sandalwood, mandarin, musk, and vanilla rounded out by bergamot and lotus.

Shoreline Scents
Let the luxurious softness of sea air surround you. Invite in enchanting fragrances with oceanic grandeur and sparkling freshness.



A romantically calm breath of ocean air enriched by an exotic melding of clove, rose, sweet melon, and green apple.

Depths of Musk
Experience the bliss of sensual musk-scented fragrances. They bestow unhurried romance and softness that makes you feel tranquil and at home in your own private oasis.


Unleash the imagination with an enigmatic fragrance offering a base of musk with fruity accords of peach and pineapple tempered by sultry patchouli, rose and iris.

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