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TMS 100

Portable-HVAC-Wall Mount-Fully Programmable-2000 sq.ft-100ml Oil Included
Sale price$159.95 Regular price$299.95

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TMS 100
TMS 100 Sale price$159.95 Regular price$299.95

Infuse Your Home with Emotions

Create a setting inspiring energy. Our collection allows you to create tailored spaces of blissful luxury.

No Aerosol

Elevate your well-being with our essential oils, free from aerosols for a truly natural and refreshing experience.

No Toxic Chemicals

Immerse yourself in the essence of nature without the worry of toxic chemicals, as our oils are crafted to be a pristine source of tranquility and relaxation.

Pet Friendly

Transform your space into a haven for both you and your furry friends, as our essential oils provide a soothing environment that’s safe and enjoyable for pets.

Kid Friendly

Nurture a serene atmosphere for your little ones with our carefully curated essential oils, ensuring a gentle and calming experience suitable for all ages.

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TMS100: A Revolutionary AC Scent Diffuser For Personalized Aromatherapy

Elevate the ambiance of your space with the TMS100 AC scent diffuser from The Magic Scent. This innovative device represents the pinnacle of air conditioner scent diffuser technology, seamlessly blending the comforts of aromatherapy with the convenience of your air conditioning system.

Transformative Aroma Experience In The Shape Of An Air Conditioner Diffuser

The TMS100 stands out as an advanced air conditioner diffuser, designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing air conditioning unit. This integration ensures a consistent and enveloping scent distribution throughout your space, revolutionizing the way you experience fragrances at home or in the office.

Innovative AC Scenting System For Enhanced Living Spaces

As an AC scenting system, the TMS100 is engineered for efficiency and effectiveness. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology to diffuse your chosen fragrance uniformly, ensuring every corner of your room is subtly infused with delightful aromas. This system is not only about scenting your space; it’s about creating an atmosphere that reflects your personal style and mood.

Seamless Integration

One of the most compelling features of the TMS100 is its ability to integrate with your existing diffuser air conditioning setup. This seamless integration means that the scent distribution is as effective as it is unobtrusive, maintaining the aesthetics of your space while enhancing its olfactory appeal.

Sophistication Meets Technology

The TMS100 is more than just a scent delivery system; it’s a sophisticated piece of technology designed to complement modern living. With its sleek design and intuitive interface, this air conditioner scent diffuser is a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function. It’s an essential addition for anyone looking to enhance their living or work environment with the art of fragrance.

User-Friendly, Efficient, And Safe

Ease of use is at the heart of the TMS100’s design. As an AC scenting system, it is user-friendly, allowing you to change fragrances easily and control the intensity of the scent. Its energy-efficient operation ensures that your enjoyment of fine fragrances is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

A New Era Of Diffuser Air Conditioning

The TMS100 marks the beginning of a new era in diffuser air conditioning. By integrating scent diffusion with your AC unit, it offers a solution to enhance the ambiance of your space. Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or a stimulating environment in your office, the TMS100 is up to the task.

The Ultimate AC Scent Diffuser For Modern Spaces

The TMS100  is a game-changer in the world of home and office fragrances. As a leading AC scent diffuser, it offers an unparalleled aroma experience, seamlessly integrating with your air conditioning system to transform your space. Experience the future of fragrance with the TMS100 – where technology, elegance, and aromatherapy converge for an enhanced living experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Smellin Good!

Overall, I am happy with this product. It dispenses the smell all over the lower level of my home & after two weeks I am not nose blind to it … yet.

I’d like to see a more intuitive programming/screen feature. I feel like for the price, it shouldn’t be so rudimentary. I also think it should come with a longer hose to add it directly into the HVAC unit.

Overall, it does what it says it works very well. It is not loud and the scent that it came with is pleasant.

Jose rivera
In love with Magic Scent

I was looking for a diffuser for long time until I decided to buy one and I found Magic Scent. I’m in love!! The machine and the oil scent of Santal are the best.

Stephen Fife
Scents the Whole House

This is the absolute quietest home scenter you can get. We put it in our air intake and it scents the whole home with fresh smells.

Going to get another one for our Bedroom

JosephCollins Udeani


April Cole
Never got it

I never got my order

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