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Scent Diffusers

Shop our selection of scent diffusers for your home, office or business. The Magic Scent diffusers are custom designed to provide maximum performance throughout your spaces making them smell incredible.

Our cold air diffuser uses the powerful combination of cold-filtered air and highly-pressurized air to provide a constant scent. The Magic Scent waterless diffuser retains the therapeutic benefits of your essential oils without limiting the dispersal of scent.

Save $11.00TMS MiniTMS Mini
TMS Mini Quiet-Intensity Control-Tabletop-Rechargeable-400 sq.ft-10ml Oil Included Sale price$88.95 Regular price$99.95
Save $20.00TMS 60 BT NEWTMS 60 BT NEW
TMS 60 BT NEW Bluetooth App Control-Wall Mount-Battery/USB 600sq.ft-10ml Oil Included Sale price$119.95 Regular price$139.95
TMS LUX BT Bluetooth/Manual Control-Tabletop-Super Silent-1000sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$179.45 Regular price$299.95
Save $140.00TMS 100TMS 100
TMS 100 Portable-HVAC-Wall Mount-Fully Programmable-2000 sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$159.95 Regular price$299.95
Save $200.00TMS 300 HVACTMS 300 HVAC
TMS 300 HVAC HVAC-Portable-Fully Programmable-Sleek Design-3000sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$499.95 Regular price$699.95
Save $100.00TMS 500 HVACTMS 500 HVAC
TMS 500 HVAC HVAC-Fully Programmable-Portable-Build in Fan-5000 sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$699.95 Regular price$799.95
Save $100.00TMS 1000 HVACTMS 1000 HVAC
TMS 1000 HVAC HVAC-Fully Programmable-Portable-Build in Fan-10,000 sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$799.95 Regular price$899.95
Save $100.00TMS 1500 HVACTMS 1500 HVAC
TMS 1500 HVAC Large Area-HVAC-Portable-Fully Programmable-15,000sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$899.95 Regular price$999.95