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Shop our HVAC scent diffusers online for the best price. Make your home or business smell great with any HVAC scent diffuser paired with our incredible scents. We’ve got scenting systems for a variety of spaces from 1,000 square feet up to 15,000 square feet. Our waterless system uses cold filtered air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles, ensuring consistent and subtle scenting while preserving the therapeutic properties of the aroma oils. That means no aerosol, no VOC, and no toxic chemicals—just a clean, even distribution of essential oils that keeps your space as comfortable and relaxing as possible. This hypoallergenic and BPA-free home HVAC scent system is safe for families and pets, and the perfect finishing touch for any room.

 Do you have a unique or very large space you need scented? You can schedule a free call with our scent marketing team and learn about how you can best setup our HVAC scent diffusers to cover every square inch of your property. We have helped hundreds of business utilize the power of scent marketing to enhance the customer experience. Some of our HVAC scent diffusers can not only plug into you HVAC system, they can be used as standalone scenting machines in any space you need them.

Save $140.00TMS 100TMS 100
TMS 100 Portable-HVAC-Wall Mount-Fully Programmable-2000 sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$159.95 Regular price$299.95
Save $200.00TMS 300 HVACTMS 300 HVAC
TMS 300 HVAC HVAC-Portable-Fully Programmable-Sleek Design-3000sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$499.95 Regular price$699.95
Save $100.00TMS 500 HVACTMS 500 HVAC
TMS 500 HVAC HVAC-Fully Programmable-Portable-Build in Fan-5000 sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$699.95 Regular price$799.95
Save $100.00TMS 1000 HVACTMS 1000 HVAC
TMS 1000 HVAC HVAC-Fully Programmable-Portable-Build in Fan-10,000 sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$799.95 Regular price$899.95
Save $100.00TMS 1500 HVACTMS 1500 HVAC
TMS 1500 HVAC Large Area-HVAC-Portable-Fully Programmable-15,000sq.ft-100ml Oil Included Sale price$899.95 Regular price$999.95