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Article: How to use essential oil diffuser?

How to use essential oil diffuser?

How to use essential oil diffuser?

Using essential oil diffusers is one of the best ways to bring pleasant scents into your home or workplace environment. Тhere are several ways in which you can use essential oil – by inhaling it, using it in a humidifier or in an aroma diffuser.

Essential oils can be diluted with carrier oil or applied directly to skin. Using an essential oil diffuser is one of the most effective ways to bring different scents into your home.

Essential oil diffusion systems are made with a convenient design in order to be easy to use. These aroma delivery systems can be used at a variety of public spaces and they bring any benefits to your business and health too.

They are made with a convenient user-oriented design and most essential oil diffusers are simple for using. There are different essential oil diffusers and consequently the usage and maintenance methods for them vary.

Essential oil diffusers have a proven therapeutic effect and there are many reasons to use them for your home or business. They offer a positive effect not only for your health but also for your business.

A diffuser is a device that disperses essential oils into the air. Different essential oil diffusers operate in a different way and they come in different size, designs and work modes.

Essential oil diffusion systems require proper maintenance and regular cleaning. Otherwise their effectiveness and performance is decreased. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safety reasons.

Some of the popular types of essential oil diffusers are candle, ceramic, electric, lamp rings, reed diffuser, ultrasonic. Some essential oil diffusers break down essential oils into tiny particles that form a fine mist.

How to set an essential oil diffuser and maintenance tips?

There are several things you need to consider when installing and choosing an essential oil diffusion system.

1. Setting up steps:

Choose the right place

Determine where you plan to place your new essential oil diffuser. The best place to set any type of essential oil diffuser has a solid and flat surface and it can have a tray. It should be large enough to fit your diffuser and it should be close to an electrical socket. It should be set up two feet above the floor.

When choosing the best location, consider the specific features of your essential oil diffuser system. For instance, ultrasonic essential oil diffusers work with water.

For this reason it’s recommended to put some towel or pad below the essential oil diffuser to prevent water damage for the surface. This is recommended especially if the aroma diffuser is placed on wood or other kind of porous surface.

There are 3 different ways in which an essential oil diffuser system can be installed:

  1. Connected directly to your HVAC system and using the airflow in the building’s ducts with the special pipe from the original package. In this way the system disperses the scent into every room of the building. This type of installation has easy maintenance.

  2. Wall-mounted with the parts which the original package includes

  3. Portable unit set on the floor or a stand alone unit

Always make sure that you have an electricity outlet close to the spot where you plan to set your aroma diffusion system.

As we know essential oil diffusers produce mist out of essential oils. This mist contains oily particles from the essential oils as well as carrier oil. For this reason it’s good to place the aroma diffuser far away from items that can be damaged by excess moisture as aroma diffusers emit light spray of oil or water. These are electronics, books, jewellery, glasses.

Moreover, it’s not recommended to directly inhale the mist emitted by essential oil diffusers. That is why you should avoid placing your essential oil diffuser at your bedside table or close to your work desk.

If you want to place it in a bedroom or other quiet room, make sure to avoid essential oil diffusers with sounds or lights you cannot turn off. Your essential oil diffuser should not be placed in direct sunlight or stay in a direct air current that either comes from a fan, an open window or a heating appliance.

Always check with the manufacturer’s directions when setting up an essential oil diffuser.

Running time

The running time of the essential oil diffuser is another feature you should consider.

Different essential oil diffusers work for a different amount of time. Some have the option to run for just a few hours and others can run for up to 12 hours .


The essential oil diffuser should be made from high quality and durable plastics that will not degrade over time. Otherwise, plastic particles will be emitted into the air during the degradation process.

So make sure to choose an essential oil diffuser made of plastic that will endure the strength of the essential oils without getting any damages.

Choice of essential oil

The choice of an essential oil isn’t always an easy one. It’s always good to consult with an aromatherapist when choosing an essential oil for your aroma diffusion system. They will help you choose the right aroma blend that is made of high quality essential oils and that suits your preferences.

  • When picking up the right fragrance for your business or home space, make sure to choose essential oils of high quality. They are usually sold in small white or black bottles which act as a protection against sunlight because it can cause damage to the oils.
  • Make sure to pick up essential oils that are made of fully natural ingredients. Avoid bottles with rubber droppers because this type of dropper can degrade over time and its rubber parts may end up in the essential oil.
  • Keep in mind that although they have numerous benefits, essential oils should be used with a precaution, especially if you are just starting to use them. When used excessively essential oils can aggravate sensitive skin, cause allergic reactions and they are not safe for consuming.
It’s not recommended for old people, kids under 12 and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to use essential oils without consulting with a doctor first.

Your diffuser’s manual should have information about how many drops are recommended for the size of your aroma diffuser system’s reservoir. The amount of drops varies depending on the type of the essential oil and its strength.

If you get a new aroma blend, it’s recommended to use less than the recommended amount of the essential oil so that you get used to its specific strength. Generally, small rooms require less amount of drops than larger rooms.

Don’t add essential oil to your essential oil diffusion system, if it’s not filled with water. Putting essential oils directly on the diffuser’s material can cause damage to the essential oil diffuser.

For example, if you choose to get an ultrasonic humidifier, you should know that some manufacturers don’t recommend the use of essential oils with this type of aroma diffuser.

2.Filling the reservoir

If your essential oil diffuser uses water to work, don’t forget to check out the user’s manual that comes with it. Check how to open it and fill it with water.

Each essential oil diffuser has a marked maximum fill line. Make sure not to exceed the maximum water limit or your aroma diffuser may stop working properly and it can overflow.

Some essential oil diffuser models have measuring cups for their reservoirs. When adding water to your essential oil diffuser’s tank, use filtered or distilled water at a room temperature. That’s because regular mineral water or tap water contain sediments that can cause mineral buildup inside your aroma diffuser.

Adding essential oil

Remove the lid of your chosen essential oil bottle. The amount of drops you will add to your diffuser depends on the strength of the scent you want to achieve and the size of the space.

You can add around 3 up to 15 drops of the essential oil, if the diffuser’s capacity is 100 milliliters. You can blend up to 3 essential oils in general.

Settings adjustment

The great thing about essential oil diffusion systems is that they can be set according to different types of client preferences.

Different types of essential oil diffusers come with different features and operate in a different way. No matter if you are choosing an essential oil diffuser for your home or business building, there are a couple of factors you need to consider.

Essential oil diffusers have:

  • fully programmable cycles,
  • easy-to-use digital display,
  • automatic start/stop option,
  • different fragrance intensity levels, “multi-task” option (it offers 3 different aroma programs per day: light scent in the morning, mild scent at noon, strong scent at night).
  • Some aroma diffusers have selectable spray modes or lighting modes.

When you are choosing an essential oil diffusion system you should consider the following factors:

  • type and the size of the room you want to use an aroma diffusion system

  • what type of power source you can use

  • what is the material of the surface where you plan to place your essential oil diffuser

Usage tips:

Avoid turning your aroma diffuser on, if it’s not filled with water in the correct way and it has its cover on. Be careful when you are refilling the aroma diffuser’s bottle.

If your essential oil diffuser works with water, make sure to clean it regularly. If you don’t clean your essential oil diffuser often, dirt buildup, mold and mildew may start to develop inside and it will disperse through the air affecting the aroma quality.

Dirt buildup may also affect an aroma diffuser’s vibration. Regular cleaning will help you avoid this issue and it will also help you get the most out of the essential oils.

By cleaning your essential oil diffuser system you make sure that it diffuses only pure oils. When an aroma diffusion system is well-cleaned, the essential oils aren’t diluted by a residue aroma left by a previously used aroma blend or by evaporation.

When you are cleaning your essential oil diffuser, you should unplug it first and make sure that its reservoir is free from excess water. Get a small brush and prepare a mixture of rubbing alcohol and warm water. Rubbing alcohol is recommended as some aroma diffusers use essential oils that are undiluted.

You don’t need to always clean the essential oil bottle at each change of the essential oil. The new scent can be sensed right after 5 min. when it has been changed. But if you need to clean the bottle, clean it only with alcohol.

Some essential oil diffusers come with a cleaning brush. If your essential oil diffuser doesn’t have a brush, you can use a paint brush to clean it with the rubbing alcohol mixture. Rinse it and use a soft cloth to dry it.

To clean your essential oil diffuser you can also use Q-tip or a cotton swab together with a cleaning solution. When you are done, let it air dry.

Let’s check the different essential oil diffuser types and the ways of using and maintaining them:

Nebulizing diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers require a more complex cleaning process that takes time. The rule is that the more smaller pieces your aroma diffusion system has, the more effort you should put into cleaning its parts. You need to clean your nebulizing diffuser regularly to avoid clogs inside the bottle and the pump.

The first step in cleaning your nebulizing diffuser is to use a dropper to add high percentage rubbing alcohol (it should be 95% ) to the diffuser’s glass reservoir. A few milliliters are enough. Then, turn on the essential oil diffuser and let it work for 5 to 10 min. so that the diffuser’s micro-tubes are cleaned.

The next step is to remove the alcohol and leave the diffuser to air dry. When it’s fully dry, you are ready to use your nebulizing diffuser.

When it comes to picking an essential oil for a nebulizing diffuser, fragrance oils are more suitable for them. That’s because the viscosity of fragrance oils is lower than essential oils’ viscosity. Fragrance oils have a smaller chance of creating problems for your nebulizing diffuser.

Ultrasonic or humidifying essential oil diffusers

These essential oil diffusers (also called water diffusers) characterize with a wide range of aroma dispersion. For this reason they are suitable for large spaces. They have water basins where water and essential oils are placed.

A buildup film made of essential oils can start to appear in the basin over time. This buildup can cover the diffuser’s sensor which is responsible for the essential oil diffusion and correct work of the system. You should clean this water basin regularly to ensure your ultrasonic diffuser works properly.

Evaporative/fan essential oil diffusers

These diffusers have a fan unit that contains an absorbent pad or a tray where the essential oils are put. When the fan blows, it disperses the essential oils around the space.

The cleaning frequency for evaporative diffusers depends on what type of pads you are using. If they are reusable, you should wash them before using them again. You can clean the tray by using warm water, a cloth and a small amount of dish soap.

Heat or electric essential oil diffusers

These essential oil diffusers are easy for cleaning. You need warm water, a mild soap and a soft cloth to clean residue from the diffuser’s basin. Make sure that you clean this aroma diffuser when you are changing the essential oil or when you notice any buildup.

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