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Article: How do essential oil diffusers work?

How do essential oil diffusers work?

How do essential oil diffusers work?

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy pleasant scents. Feeling a delightful scent upon entering a building always makes a good impression. Scent is a powerful agent and you should definitely use it to your advantage, no matter if you are a homeowner or business owner.

Aromatherapy offers delight to the senses and the best way to enjoy it at any place is by using an aroma diffuser device. It helps you achieve the exact ambience you want and make your business or home environment more welcoming and pleasant.
Essential oil diffusers provide you with numerous great benefits for both your home or business. These scent delivery systems allow you to bring any scent you want at any type of place and enjoy amazing fragrances for as long as you like.
With the help of aroma diffusers you can get the great benefits of aromatherapy wherever and whenever you want. Thanks to their smart technology and convenient design, they can be used for scenting different commercial and residential buildings.
No matter if you are a business owner who wants to impress their customers or a homeowner who wants to make their home a wonderful place, scent diffusion systems offer you the best aroma delivery methods. They are effective, safe and easy to use at different types of buildings no matter if they are large or small in size.
As you may have already heard, aroma diffusion devices are a necessary part of scent marketing. Using scent diffusers at your business place can help you retain more customers and also make your employees feel more happy and productive.
When used at a home environment essential oils can improve both your physical and mental health. When you use only pure essential oils for your aroma diffusion system, you guarantee yourself that you are getting all of the amazing natural benefits of essential oils.
Scent diffusion systems truly offer a unique sensory experience to your customers, employees or guests and make them feel special.
Using a scent diffusion system at your commercial or residential place means that you care for your customers and guests and strive to provide them with an excellent service quality.
Scent diffusers are one of the best ways to increase your profits and give any space a more welcoming and sophisticated vibe. They help you increase the quality of your accommodation and add coziness and comfort to your home environment.
Essential oil diffusers use an advanced waterless nanotechnology that involves the use of cold air pressure. This technology is definitely the best technology that exists on the aroma diffusers market.
They achieve rapid and maximum scent dispersion into the air. Their market leading cold-air nanotechnology brings scent in a uniform way at a variety of places.

How scent machines work?

Essential oil diffusers operate with an innovative nanotechnology that offers you an exquisite and safe way of bringing scent at your home or workplace. This type of technology is the most effective and advanced in the aroma industry sphere.
Scent machines have compressors inside their systems which work with cold air pressure. It turns essential oils into molecules called nanoparticles and disperses them into the air.
Afterwards the molecules of the essential oils are dispersed into the air in the form of a fine dry mist. The main advantage of this method of scent dispersion is that the mist doesn’t fall down like a spray but it stays in the air instead. The essential oil particles permeate the air and ensure a consistent saturation of the scent in the air.
The end result is a pure and long-lasting scent of high quality without any residue.
There are different types of essential oil diffusers and they differentiate in their method of aroma diffusion. They are also different in their design and range of functions.

Types of essential oil diffusers:

Ceramic diffusers
Ceramic diffusers evaporate essential oils quickly and disperse them into the air. These essential oil diffusers are more suitable for scenting small spaces.
Reed diffusers
Reed diffusers include rattan sticks that have small channels in them. The essential oils move through these channels and scent the surrounding area.
One of the characteristic features of reed diffusers is that they allow lighter essential oils to diffuse faster and the heavier essential oils to disperse slower.
Ultrasonic diffusers
These are some of the most popular aroma diffuser types. They work with electronic frequencies and water. Their technology includes a small disc which is submerged into the essential oil and water mix and it creates ultrasonic vibrations. These vibrations convert essential oils and water into a scented mist.
Their main advantage is that they use no heat in producing aroma mist and a small amount of essential oil is used. An ultrasonic diffuser can work both as a humidifier and a diffuser which is a great option, if your living area has a dry climate. Ultrasonic diffusers also work in a noiseless way.
Heat/candle diffusers
These types of scent diffusers use heat to disperse essential oils into the air in a gradual way. Heat diffusers are an economical and efficient option to bring amazing scents into a room. They sometimes use essential oils mixed with water and in order to achieve a strong aroma they use a high level of heat.
Another advantage of heat diffusers is the fact that they are silent and don’t take much space.
Evaporative / electric fan diffusers
These essential oil diffusers require consistent air flow to disperse essential oils into a surrounding area. They contain a fan that blows against a filter that can be a pad or a tissue. Heat isn’t required in the process.
The essential oils are dropped onto this filter beforehand. When the fan starts to blow it makes the essential oils to evaporate quickly and bring the scent into the room where the diffuser is placed.
A specific feature of this type of aroma diffuser is that the essential oils are diffused in parts. The lighter components of the essential oils are diffused first and the heavier components are diffused last.
Evaporative diffusers have a noiseless way of work and they disperse essential oils in a quick way.
Nebulizing diffusers
Nebulizing diffusers are considered one of the best scent diffusers. They offer the healthiest aroma delivery method.
The system of nebulizing diffusers includes a glass cylinder or bottle and a compressor. The main role of the compressor is to transform the essential oils into tiny molecules called nanoparticles.
Their main advantage is that they don’t use heat or water but instead they apply a cold-filtered air under pressure. During this aroma diffusion process the chemical constituents of the essential oils remain unchanged and their natural essence is fully preserved.
Another main advantage of nebulizing diffusers is that they achieve a uniform scent diffusion. The diffused essential oils stay in the air for long and this ensures a long-lasting scent.
Nebulizing diffusers offer maximum scent diffusion at both small and large spaces while preserving the therapeutic properties of the oils at the same time. This is achieved thanks to the cold air nanotechnology they apply.

Main benefits of using aroma diffusion system:

Essential oil diffusers offer an advanced and effective method for scent delivery at any type of surrounding area. They diffuse essential oils in a rapid and optimal way and ensure a consistent scent at any space.
The therapeutic properties of the essential oils are unaltered or they are changed as little as possible depending on the used type of essential oil diffuser.
Essential oil diffusers can be used successfully at different types of commercial or residential spots. They can be installed at a variety of places - homes, retail stores, showrooms, cafes, restaurants, offices, banks, hotels, lobby areas, residential buildings, fitness centers, spas, health centers, senior living facilities, transport places, lounges, casinos, night spots.
There are different models of scent diffusion systems and each type is designed for scenting certain places. One of their main advantages is the option for using different types of essential oils and scent blends that offer an amazing scent experience.
Because each business or home is different, scent diffusers are made to be adjustable and adaptable to the different types of business space and its scent requirements.
Scent diffuser systems can be installed in several different ways. They can be connected directly to a HVAC system of a building or mounted on a wall. And if we have a portable unit aroma diffuser, we can place it on the floor.
The installation of an aroma diffusion system requires you to have an electricity outlet near the spot where you plan to place the chosen aroma diffuser model.
They feature a variety of settings which helps you adjust your scent diffusion system to your specific scent needs
They feature different settings that offer you the option to adjust your essential oil diffuser according to your specific place and personal preferences at your home or office.
The practical and simple design of scent diffusion machines can fit into different interior styles.
Essential oil diffusers offer more than pleasant aromas. Besides a health-related effect scent diffusers can also remove unpleasant odors, mold and even have an insect repelling effect and can repel mosquitos. Lemongrass and clove essential oils are for example a perfect choice, if you want an effective and safe mosquito repellent.
That’s because essential oils can break free radicals that enhance the growth of dangerous bacteria. Some essential oils have a powerful effect against fungal yeast. The reason for this is because the diffusion of essential oils into the air prevents the development of yeasts such as mold.
The best essential oils for preventing mold and bacteria growth are tea tree oil, eucalyptus, thyme, red thyme and pine.
Essential oil diffusers offer high defense against pests and insects. That’s because they work with essential oils which contain cleansing molecules. When these molecules are dispersed into the air they purify it in an efficient way and leave a beautiful fragrance at the same time.
Aroma diffusion systems have an easy-to-use design that is both discrete and elegant. This makes scent diffusers suitable for installing at different types of spaces and fit into any kind of interior.
The technology of aroma diffusion systems offers the healthiest process of essential oils evaporation. It not only effectively diffuses scents into the surrounding area, but it also fully preserves the natural essence of the essential oils. In this way you can get all of the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils and get a maximum scent diffusion at your business or home space.
Essential oil diffusers are perfectly safe for kids and pets. The essential oils that scent machines use consist of raw ingredients because they are of natural origin. They are free of harmful ingredients such as:
  • aerosols,
  • VOC,
  • propellant gas,
  • toxic chemicals.
There are different types of essential oils and they offer different therapeutic benefits depending on their specific type.

Therapeutic benefits of essential oils:

Essential oils have a proven healing effect on different health symptoms. The relaxing types of essential oils, one of which is lavender, are considered effective remedies for stress, anxiety and depression. Some essential oils are even considered effective for headaches, migraine and for balancing the hormones.
Increased energy
The energizing types of essential oils can increase your energy levels in a natural way and make you more productive and alert.
Improved focus and alertness
Due to its great effect of essential oils, aroma diffusers are preferred technology for office facilities and classrooms.
Better sleep quality
Essential oils can help you fall asleep quickly and have a deep sleep. Some of the most effective essential oils that can enhance your sleep and help you fight sleep loss are lavender, chamomile and Bulgarian rose.
Clear breathing
Some essential oils are famous for their quality to relieve symptoms of respiratory issues such as cough, sore throat or cold. They can also act as a decongestant and stop mucus. Peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and oregano are some of the essential oils you need, if you have such health problems.
Pain relief
It is proven that inhaling essential oils can not only help you get rid of a persistent headache but also relieve your tensed up muscles or sore joints.

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