Wedding Venue Scenting Strategies For The Perfect Day

Looking for wedding venue scenting strategies that will transform your special day? We’ve got a fantastic aroma selection that will allow you to bring your wedding day to another level. Just think, you could utilize our rose diffuser oil to have a constant rose scent to enhance all the floral elements of the day. Our scent marketing specialists have helped many wedding planners create the perfect aroma for that special day.

The overall ambiance of your wedding venue and reception will be what sets the entire tone for your wedding. So why not take it up a notch and add a luxurious scenting experience for your guests that will leave them talking about your wedding for years to come. Adding an additional touch of a romantic scent throughout your wedding venue will amplify your magical day and will have your guests all feeling that love is in the air.

Wedding Venue Scenting options

So just want are your wedding venue scenting options to do it right? Well, we’ve got a few strategies in mind that will setup your wedding venue with a constant aroma no matter where you are. You have a lot of spaces to think about from the dining tables, to the dance floor and reception areas are all in need of that special scent. Really take into consideration all the areas your guests and your family will be and what you may need to cover all areas of the wedding venue.

Reed Diffusers > Our latest addition to our line up of scenting options and we think these are perfect for the dining tables your guests will be on. They work great with our diffusers, and will bring that extra punch of scent to the table while your guests are dining. These are much better than candles as you don’t have to worry about flames causing issues once guests are a wine or two deep in the event.


Scent Diffusers > Most wedding venues are in the 3,000 to 5,000 square foot range on average, and we’ve got scent diffusers that will easily cover this space with one unit. Larger spaces can utilize multiple devices and you options for scenting beyond 30,000 square feet is not really an issue for us. You’re going to want to schedule a consultation with our team if you’re scenting a large wedding venue.



Both these options for wedding venue scenting have you covered in up to any space size. Not only that, our essential oil scents are pet and kid friendly, use no toxic chemicals, do not use heat or water and no aerosol is involved. They can be discretely placed with ease and provide that large room scenting option that doesn’t let an inch of square footage go without that signature wedding scent.


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