Scent Marketing For Your Business

It’s almost 2023 and there’s one marketing advantage your business can take advantage of is the power of scent.We’ve been in the aromatherapy game for a long time and have helped countless business across North America stand out with signature aromas. Scent marketing allows your business to create an emotional connection with their consumers and increase customer loyalty through their own signature olfactory scent. Learn more about the science behind scenting and how it can impact your business by reading on.

Your customers are more likely to remember a business based solely off of scent, triggering consumer purchasing behavior and bridging a positive association with your business. By taking advantage of the power of scent, it allows you to capitalize on the consumers experience while they are evoked by your brand scent to return. The most important step is finding an aroma that best describes your brand or business and that can be influencing power to your brand image then investing in a scent diffuser or a HVAC diffuser.

The Power Of Scent

A human’s sense of smell is believed to affect 75% of our emotions. The olfactory gland governs emotion and memories, is the power behind our sense of smell. Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain that is responsible for memory and emotion. This is why a smell has the ability to transport you to a certain time and place, linking back to a particular memory or feeling.

Did you know we are able to recognize approximately ten thousand different scents? What’s even more remarkable, humans are able recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, in contrast to only 50% of visuals after just three months.

Retail spaces and businesses have a lot to consider when creating the right atmosphere to match the products they’re selling. Location, decor, employee uniforms, lighting, art, temperature, music, and, increasingly, smell all combine to create an immersive brand experience. Think of some of the most popular retail locations and you’ll understand what I mean.

scent marketing for you

Every business can benefit from scent marketing, by using scent as an asset and as an advertising advantage to evoke specific memories that will remind consumers of their brand. The Magic Scent specializes in scent branding, helping businesses find their signature scent to associate with their brand identity. We will work with you to build a scent marketing strategy based off market research and analysis to understand their client’s buying behavior. This process allows us to create the perfect scent that is specially made for every client. To get started on creating your own signature scent, contact one of our scent consultants today!



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