Scent Marketing For Retail Stores

Scent marketing for retail stores is a growing area of branding that has a powerful impact on shoppers and their buying habits. One of the main features of encapsulating a store with a signature scent is that it increases the customer’s desire to linger a bit more. The longer the customer stays, the more likely they are to spend money in your store. In addition, it only takes minimal exposure for the brain to make a connection between a particular scent and your brand. Get that smell just right, and it will add an entire extra layer to a company’s branding.

Let’s not forget some of the most important people in your store, the staff. They have to endure long hours working so why not make the space more inviting and mood lifting with a signature scent? We know by now that scent is firmly linked with mood, thus making a pleasing fragrance pivotal in how everyone feels in the store. Brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Victoria’s Secret as well as Nike have harnessed the power of scent marketing for retail stores and have seen incredible results from it.

Choosing the right scent for a retail store is no easy task because there are many types of furniture, apparel and accessories that attract men, women and children are sold under one roof and no one scent can be a fit for all the business types out there. The smart retailer must know how to choose the right scent because consumers respond differently to each fragrance even though marketers try to carefully calculate their reactions. With more and more consumers using online platforms for their purchases, retailers are forced to think outside the box to both enhance and improve the customer experience.

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Think abut this, an appropriate fragrance in the right setting can heighten the perception of product quality and increase lingering time in a department store or boutique. Scent selection requires a bit of aroma hunting, as your signature fragrance must complement the retail spaces vibe. For example, floral notes and vanilla work very well for boutiques that sell womens’ apparel while rustic, woodsy scents work well very for products pertaining to men.

When a scent first graces the human nose, it is then interpreted by the olfactory bulb in the brain’s limbic system. This structure stimulates emotion and memory and links smells with both good and bad experiences. It is this fact that arouses subliminal levels of intense reminiscence and is the reason why people connect particular scents with certain moments in their life.

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