Luxury Home Scents Anyone Will Love

We carry a line of luxury home scents that truly stand out from the competition and provide luxury home owners with many great scenting options. Picking the right luxury home scent is no easy task, and it is something that can change every other month, Luckily, with our HVAC scent diffusers this is an easy task and changing out scents is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Did you know that your sense of smell holds a very powerful connection directly tied to your emotions? Most people often overlook the value of using diffusing essential oils and their ability to transform and even enhance your mood. By simply adding a luxury home scent you can make your abode feel fresher, cleaner and more relaxing. Who wouldn’t want to come home to an atmosphere like that?

luxury home scents

Finding the perfect scent to fill your home with is easier said than done. But whether you’re looking for a calming blend of fragrances to improve your sleep or a refreshing burst of aromas to lift your mood, you’d be able to find superb options from Home Scents. Our luxury home scents are made only with the highest-quality essential oils. As well, they are non-toxic, safe for pets and children and don’t leave behind and sticky residue or water damage.

So just what luxury home scents do we have in our line up? Here is our latest list that will make your home smell and feel on a whole other level, and trust us, you won’t ever go back.

tuscan leather scent

Our Tuscan Leather diffuser oil is inspired by Tom Ford and merges the primal essence of fine leather with night-blooming jasmine and black suede for a distinctive fragrance that is raw yet refined, sensual yet sophisticated. Indulge your love affair with leather in this refined yet sensual formulation of consummate craftsmanship.

baccara scent

Our Baccara diffuser oil is inspired by Baccarat Rouge and evokes radiance and strength with amber woody floral essences. The fragrance embodies tones of sandalwood and oud with facets of jasmine, and a whisper of amber, oakmoss and vanilla. A poetic radiance that enchants and delights, this luscious scent surrounds you with sparkling luxury.

posh diffuser oil

Our Posh diffuser oil scent sets a regal standard with a rich, fruity fragrance that conveys strength, power, and success. The sophisticated blend of pineapple, bergamot and blackcurrant moves unpredictably into birch, pink berries, and jasmine, finishing with ambergris. Truly a heady gallop that surrounds you with bliss.

le noir scent


Inspired by Edition Hotel in Miami, our Le Noir diffuser oil scent seductively fuses deeply hypnotic absinthe atop fruity black currant and a heart of restorative cardamom, ginger, and clove. Aromatic fir and rugged cedar round up the aroma with energetic hints of resin. The soothing, sophisticated formulation sets the mind to inspired enjoyment with elevated atmosphere.

royal scent

Our Royal diffuser oil scent is inspired by The Ritz Hotel London and it energizes settings with a sensual and intoxicating blend of clean, citrus bergamot infused with the fresh, green lemon leaf. An enticing blend of musk and amber base notes give the scent its warmth and smokiness. The fragrance can be used to relax the body and lower emotional borders to increase intimacy.

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