Coffee Shop Scenting To Enhance The Cafe Experience

You wouldn’t think coffee shop scenting was a need, but in a competitive space such as a coffee shop business, you’re going to need all the tools to stand out. Creating an amazing coffee house sensory experience is a customer magnet like no other because it taps into the human hunger response. Subtle scents help to create those memories and a positive atmosphere in coffee shops, but they must be carefully crafted to accommodate the primary fragrance: which of course is the coffee itself.

The aroma of freshness must always surround the coffee making process. Watching that hot coffee being prepared and experiencing its alluring fragrance upon entering a café or coffee house is a big draw to customer traffic. For those areas away from the brewing site, near shelves where related products are sold, scent marketing plays an inclusive role in how attractive these items appear to customers who are already in the establishment and enjoying their food and drinks.

Don’t forget that other scents besides coffee brewing can and will come into play. Sweeter scents like cinnamon buns, vanilla bean, baked cookies and others coming from goodies sitting behind the display cases near the register, are often irresistible to consumers when they initially only came in for a coffee. We have consulted and design scent marketing systems for many coffee shops and they often want different scents in certain areas.

Luckily for you, our scent diffusers can be put in multiple places throughout the coffee shop, as well you can pump that roasted coffee smell to foot traffic out front. We also have a variety of essential oil blends that are not a coffee scent, so you can design your scent experience in many different ways.

We also offer a variety of professional HVAC scenting systems that insure a return on your investment. Appropriate air care measures that are unique to the coffee house industry may focus more on odor neutralization, especially in those small places such as trash areas or bathrooms, rather than on scenting that will overwhelm or alter the allure of the fragrance of coffee. It’s a delicate balance, but with scent diffusers put in the right places, you can manage how your coffee shop is scented at every square foot.

If you’re curious after reading this and want to know more about coffee shop scenting and all the possibilities then we encourage you to reach out via the form below for a free phone consult. We have many different scents, diffusers and design options in order to provide a custom scent marketing experience for your cafe. Learn more about all the options and even get a fragrance sample pack in order to better understand how great they are, and how they might impact your sales and customer experience.

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