Christmas Tree Essential Oil Scent For The Holidays

Looking for a Christmas tree essential oil scent that’s perfect for the holidays? We here at The Magic Scent have the perfect scent for Christmas that will make your home or business smell like the holidays. While having a Christmas tree in the house can help with that magical holiday scent, there’s nothing better than constant aroma that comes from your scent diffuser all day long. We’ve got our favorite Christmas essential oil bend for the holidays that is ready to make your space smell great.


Christmas Tree Essential Oil Scent PINE

We highly recommend our lovely Pine scent as your go to Christmas tree essential oil scent for the holidays. Our Pine diffuser oil scent invigorates settings with uplifting and invigorating atmosphere inspired by the fragrance of Christmas tree. Fresh and fruity Peach and Pineapple complement the Green Bergamot and Pine. A base of mystic Musk and sweet Vanilla enhances Eucalyptus and Cedar for clarifying and energizing uplift.

Keep in mind our essential oils are non-toxic and spread through your home or business through cold air diffusion. This Christmas essential oil blend is safe for pets, kids and those with allergies. Take advantage of our fast free shipping to get this incredible scent to your home just in time for the holidays and have your Christmas tree scent non-stop all season long.

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