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Article: How to Find Your Scent, How To Find Your Perfect Scent

How to Find Your Scent, How To Find Your Perfect Scent

How to Find Your Scent, How To Find Your Perfect Scent

Have you been wondering how to find your scent that’s just perfect for you?

That scent that makes everyone think of you whenever they smell it lingering in the air - the scent that leaves your mark everywhere you go like a gentle kiss on the cheek.
Scents are extremely powerful. They have the ability to conjure up memories and make us feel the same way we did when we first got a whiff of that delightful scent. That’s why it’s so important to find the scent that’s perfect for you - it ends up being your signature on every interaction.
That’s why it’s so important to know how to find your scent!

How to Find Your Perfect Scent

The first step to learning how to find your perfect scent is to understand the different categories of scents. This starting point will help you figure out which scents you love the most.
  • Floral. Floral scents can smell like one type of flower or an entire bouquet. Popular scents include gardenia, honeysuckle, lilies, and tuberose
  • Green. Green scents might remind you of early morning dew-covered grass or a stroll through a lush wood. Eucalyptus is a popular green scent.
  • Gourmand. These are your scents that smell so delicious you just want to eat them! Vanilla, sugar, and fruit.
  • Citrus. Citrus scents are known to be mood lifters. Notes of lemon, grapefruit, lime, and orange have a bright energy that excites.
  • Woody. These scents are warm and earthy, yet light. Popular woody scents include sandalwood, cedar, tobacco, and leather/
  • Musk. Musk scents are sweet and spicy, like patchouli, ginger, and amber.
  • Fresh. Natural and subtle like freshly washed linens.
  • Oceanic. Scents that make you feel like you’re laying on the beach, like salt and coconut.
The next step to find your perfect scent is to be conscious of the layers and different notes that are in a scent.
Perfumes are a mix of a few different scent categories, so you have to understand the makeup of the one you are sampling.
Scents come in three waves:
  • Top note. This is what you smell as soon as the scent leaves the bottle.
  • Middle note. Once the scent settles on your skin, the middle notes break through.
  • Base note. Base notes are left behind after all others have evaporated.
The notes will usually be listed on the bottle or in the online description. Play close attention to the different layers and make sure you like each scent you see. Each scent will present differently on everyone, so it’s important that you feel confident with each scent. You never know how it will come through once combined with your unique body composition!

How to Find Your Perfect Perfume

Now that you know what it takes to make a perfume, it’s time to start sampling so you can find your perfect scent!
Here are a few tips for sampling perfumes:
  • Don’t make any decisions too quickly. Sample as many scents as you need to and give each one a trial that lasts a few days. That will give you enough time to decide if you like the scent on your body and get a few opinions from others
  • Consider the other products that you use. Will the scent go well with your skin and hair products?
  • Shop around for custom options. The Magic Scent allows you to create your very own signature scent that is completely unique.

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