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Article: The Best Room Diffusers of 2021

The Best Room Diffusers of 2021

The Best Room Diffusers of 2021

With so many seemingly fantastic offerings for diffusing your essential oils, it can be tough to pick the very best scent diffuser.

Why not take the guesswork out of the process? Our team has researched oil diffuser ratings and customer experiences and compared them to our top-quality products at The Magic Scent.

How to Find the Best Scent Diffuser

To find the best room diffuser is a tall task, but we’ve looked at ratings of the products people are talking about to break down their strengths and shortcomings.
  • Exqline 1,500 mL Essential Oil Diffuser
This diffuser and humidifier combo is celebrated for its maximum 20-hour working capacity and ability to provide aromatherapy scent up to 450 square feet. It also features a mist control rotating knob for customized mist. While the product is marketed as having a quiet design, customers have lamented that its motor can overheat and produce unpleasant noises.
  • Now Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser
This 150 mL diffuser packs a punch, with up to 14 hours of intermittent diffusion and coverage of up to 400 square feet. While lauded for its natural looking design and heat-free system, 12% of customers on Amazon gave it only a 1-star rating. Commonly cited issues include quick motor malfunction and inability to disperse the scent of essential oils effectively.
  • Stadler Form Julia Diffuser
This sleek diffuser runs for an impressive 53 intermittent hours, with 18 hours of continuous fragrance emission. It also automatically shuts off when empty, preventing motor overuse, noisiness, and heating. But, in use, many customers lamented about experiences with motor malfunction and noisiness within weeks of use.

Best Budget Oil Diffuser Selections

  • Urpower 300mL Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
This affordable Urpower model boasts up to 8 hours of diffusing and options for customized running time. It offers a portable design that diffuses up to 200 square feet. Customers, however, have remarked that the plastic material of the diffuser’s lid shell often breaks within a few weeks.
  • ASAKUKI 500mL Essential Oil Diffuser
This slightly larger model offers multiple mist functions and LED light color customization. The ASAKUKI comes with a remote control to change settings. With up to 16 hours of working time, the machine’s diffusion can reach 300 square feet. Unfortunately, many users have remarked that the machine frequently leaks, and produces low pressure circulating power.

Why Choose The Magic Scent?

Listening to the needs of oil diffuser customers, The Magic Scent has devoted great effort to craft the very best scent diffusers to suit every venue and need. From the home to the office, the spa to the showroom, and everything in between, our cutting-edge products can diffuse essential oils between 200 and 15,000 square feet! Our warranty-backed units elevate living spaces and businesses alike with a range of programmable features to offer clean and healthy aromatherapy benefits without hassle.
To learn more about our thoughtfully crafted offerings, check out our diffuser shop. While you’re there, explore our specially curated shop of fragrances.

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