AirBNB Scenting With Diffusers

We often get inquiries and sales from AirBNB owners wanting to make their vacation rental smell great, guest after guest. Since we’re one of the world’s leading scent marketing companies out there, we’ve got many great options for AirBNB scenting that will win guests over. Our HVAC scent diffusers are the perfect choice because they are easy to install, provide a programmable scenting solution and require less maintenance than any other scenting method on the block.

Repeat AirBNB business also depends upon guest satisfaction with the positive look, feel and scent surrounding the property rather than the specific products or services it may provide. We think our hotel collection of scents is the perfect fit for scenting your AirBNB as it puts you on the level of luxury hotels who use signature scents to enhance a guests stay.

airbnb scenting options

When your guest first walks through that door, they’re getting the first impression which we all know is a big one to make and get right. Scent helps you to put your guests in the right mood, you actually can influence how they feel with the right aroma. Some of our AirBNB hosts have a scent theme for their vacation property, so their signature scent will match from the scenting machines right down to the types of soap in the rental. That’s just a taste of what can be done and how it can effect your guest experience.

airbnb scenting with essential oils


Our HVAC scent diffusers for the home hotel collection use cold-filtered air pressure to break oils into a dry mist of nano-particles for consistent, subtle scenting & optimal therapeutic properties. The scent machine for home is a heat-free system that maximizes the longevity of your aromas, & leaves no residue, making it the most gentle & non-toxic way to deliver quality scents. The TMS 100 is one of the best options as it’s affordable, easily programmable and can act as a standalone dispersion device, or you can hook it into your HVAC system in your AirBNB.

The fully programmable TMS 100 scent machine for your AirBNB is tailored specifically for waterless aromatic oils & features a 24/7 timer, adjustable scent intensity. quiet operation and ultra-low energy consumption. This is our top seller for AirBNB owners because it works great and is typically the average coverage size for most vacation rentals. If your rental is a larger home, you can easily pair in another TMS 100 or upgrade to the TMS 300 which cover 3,000 square feet of space.

We’ve also recently launched our line of luxury reed diffusers which are great for spaces like next to the beds, in the bathrooms and even in the closets which stay closed often. All of our reed diffuser scents are inspired by travel and famous hotels, so your AirBNB can get that same magical touch and keep guests coming back time and time again. Take our White Tea Reed which is inspired by the Westin Hotel or the Mandarin Blossom Reed which is inspired by the St. Regis Maldives luxury resort.

reed diffusers for airbnb scenting

With our AirBNB scenting service, we make monthly scent delivery a breeze and your housekeeping staff can easily refill the scent machine when needed. If you have any questions about these scenting options, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, on social media via a DM or schedule a consultation with our team to figure out the best scenting solution for your AirBNB.

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