YACHT SCENTING SYSTEMS: For small to large yachts.

Looking to make your yacht smell great all the time? Our yacht scenting systems work with your HVAC unit to provide 24/7 aromas that are non-toxic, as well ask child and pet friendly. We make scenting your yacht a breeze with

yacht scenting hvac systems

We remember what we see for one month with up to 40% accuracy. But we remember what we smell for an entire year with up 60% accuracy. Combining sight and smell futher enhances memory.

Yacht Scenting Systems
For The Seven Seas

The Magic Scent has a wide assortment of high quality fragrances to help you establish the right sensory experience that matches your luxury property development.

Our luxury scents are created from only raw ingredients and oils in a way that preserves their inherent therapeutic benefits and essences. This guarantees the high quality and effectiveness of our fragrances in scenting your spaces.

Our scents come in aluminum bottles that protect them from coming into contact with air and they are easy to store and use. Our fragrances do not contain aerosols, toxic chemicals, propellant gas, VOC or other harmful substances. When dispersed into a dry mist via our aroma diffusers, the essentials oil stay in the air for a long time for maximum enjoyment and effect

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We at The Magic Scent understand the importance of customer service and interaction. Its our duty to help you maximize your advantage in your business by utilizing the power of scent marketing. Make your property development stand out from the competition and increase sales.

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No Aerosol

No Toxic Chemicals

Pet Friendly

Kid Friendly

No Heat or Water