TMS F1 Aroma Classic Diffuser (200 sq.ft)


TMS F1 BLACK AROMA CLASSIC DIFFUSER features a stylish design in classic black that’s suitable for any interior style. Want to take your scents on the go? The TMS F1 is also a portable aromatherapy diffuser that fits perfectly in a car cup holder or as a stand-alone unit in your home, office, bathroom, or yacht—or wherever else you want to use it.

The TMS F1 is a small aroma diffuser powered by a waterless system that uses cold filtered air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles, ensuring consistent and subtle scenting while preserving the therapeutic properties of the aroma oils. The hypoallergenic and BPA-free scent delivery system is safe for families and pets, and offers the best and most long-lasting scent technology for your home.

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TMS Aroma Diffuser Specifications:

The TMS F1 Aroma Classic Diffuser is part of our line of innovative home aroma systems, providing you with long-lasting scents that are free of toxic chemicals and totally safe for use around children and pets. It features:

  • 4 TIMER SETTING LIGHTS: TMS F1 has only one ON/OFF control button. You can set any timer as you prefer by the control button, and distinguish it via the indicator lights.
  • POWER SUPPLY: TMS F1 is a multi-functional aroma diffuser. It has a rechargeable battery, USB cable to charge in your car and an electrical power adapter to charge at home or at your office.
  • SIZE: Mini compact size of 133 mm height
  • SAFE & PORTABLE: BPA free, safe for families and pets.
  • SCENT CONTAINER: 10 ml essential oil
  • OPTIMAL SCENT COVERAGE: This small and portable scent diffuser can provide coverage of up to 200 square feet, making it ideal for individual rooms and offices, as well as in your car.

TMS F1 Aroma Diffuser: How To Use It For Best Results

All of our diffusers are designed to be as easy as possible for you to set up and enjoy. Because the TMS F1 has both a rechargeable battery and a USB charging port, you can take it with you wherever you go so that you can diffuse your favorite scents at home, in the office, in the car, or anywhere else that you want the therapeutic effects of essential oils.

The TMS F1’s scent container holds 10 ml of essential oil, and you can switch out the oils depending on your mood and what benefits you’re looking for. Some of the many benefits of essential oil aromatherapy include:

  • Improved focus
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced mood
  • Clear breathing
  • Increase in productivity
  • Stress-relief

Create your own custom signature scent or explore our complete line of essential oil scents. We also offer scent samples so that you can make sure to choose a fragrance that you love.

Have a question? Explore The Magic Scent and our fragrance products, or contact us for more information on the TMS F1 Aroma Classic Diffuser and any of our other high-quality scent systems.

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