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Smell is a WORD, Scent is Literature We Are The Magic Scent



Making use of scents and aroma in the medical industry has long since been widely recognized for its ability to improve how your patient feels during their visit. Scent marketing research has show that certain scents can and will relax your patients and create a more positive environment which is so crucial for every medical practice.

Diffusing a relaxing scent, such as our French Lavender or eucalyptus oil can bring forth feelings of calmness and relaxation which your patients will experience in every room throughout your exam, surgical and waiting rooms. This is something that will stay with your patients and keep them coming back.

We have a great selection of calming scents currently in our shop. We have a sample pack that can help you choose the right scents for your doctor and medical offices.

We remember what we see for one month with up to 40% accuracy. But we remember what we smell for an entire year with up 60% accuracy. Combining sight and smell futher enhances memory.

Doctor Office Scenting Improves The Patient Experience

The Magic Scent has a wide assortment of high quality fragrances to help you establish the right sensory experience that adds a calming and relaxing theme throughout your doctor’s office.

Our luxury scents are created from only raw ingredients and oils in a way that preserves their inherent therapeutic benefits and essences. This guarantees the high quality and effectiveness of our fragrances in scenting your spaces.

Our scents come in aluminum bottles that protect them from coming into contact with air and they are easy to store and use. Our fragrances do not contain aerosols, toxic chemicals, propellant gas, VOC or other harmful substances. When dispersed into a dry mist via our aroma diffusers, the essentials oil stay in the air for a long time for maximum enjoyment and effect.