Large Warehouse HVAC Scenting Guide

Do you have a large warehouse that you need scenting for? We’ve written this quick and easy HVAC scenting guide to help you choose the right aroma diffusers to scent the large space. There are many HVAC scent diffusing machine options to handle it with a single device, or build a custom scenting system that combines many of our devices. You want to make sure you’re going to properly scent such a large space, thus a consulting call with us is alway a great option to figure out just what your needs are, and how our business scenting team can meet those needs.

Scenting a warehouse properly can only be done with our HVAC scent diffusers mainly because the spaces are so large. That much scent dispersal is a tricky proposition that just cannot be handled by other scenting methods like candles and wall plug-ins. Warehouses also tend to have a lot of large bay doors and other escapes to the outside world. This would cause massive scent loss with almost any other aroma system, but thanks to our cold air diffusers, we harness the power of nanotechnology to provide a constant, safe whole space scenting solution.

Warehouse HVAC Scenting option 1



The TMS 1000 is a totally new and customized HVAC aromatherapy system in our line of diffusers. The TMS 1000 features adjustable scent intensity levels and can run up to three different programs per day. Our HVAC scent delivery system is the best essential oil diffuser for large spaces, and can cover significant areas either by using the built-in fan or by installing the diffuser inside your HVAC system with the included parts. Our waterless system uses cold filtered air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles, ensuring consistent and subtle scenting while preserving the therapeutic properties of the aroma oils.

Warehouse HVAC Scenting option 2

The latest and largest offering in our line up is the TMS 1500 which covers 15,000 square feet of space which covers a lot of warehouses with just one system.The TMS 1500 is the perfect commercial scent diffuser for scenting large warehouses and can be used both outside or inside the A/C unit to deliver that magical scent. Our TMS 1500 large room scent machine uses one of the most powerful cold-air diffusion technologies in the aroma industry, combining cold filtered air with high air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles.

Warehouse HVAC Scenting consultation

Still not quite sure how to go about setting up the correct combination to scent your entire warehouse? We offer a completely free consultation service to guide you through your custom needs, we know that scenting each place is a unique configuration and we can help get you there. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours to start the information process.

What are some things to consider with a warehouse HVAC scenting setup? Besides the space, know the type of HVAC system you have in place, how many loading bay doors you have, do you need separate scenting in the office spaces, what your workforce thinks about having a signature scent and perhaps figuring out what they would be most happy with. Keep in mind we offer a scent sample pack so you can make an informed decision about scenting your warehouse.

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