Influence Shopping Behavior With Scent Marketing

Did you know that scent marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the modern marketing war chest. Scent marketing makes a strong case in several ways, including fostering a strong sense of brand identity. A second effect is that scent marketing can directly impact consumer behavior in your location. Our experience and data reveals the impact that scent marketing can have for businesses with a brick-and-mortar business model.

Companies have found that combining brand identity scenting with in-person scent selection produces the most reliable results for businesses. Having a signature scent that simultaneously plays on the emotional connections that scent fosters can make up the foundation of successful scent marketing campaign. We say you should take advantage of every tool at your disposal to stand out from the competition.

Not every business owner realizes that there are ways to associate a brand with a distinct scent. Businesses including restaurants, coffee shops, and florists have obvious ways to connect what they sell with distinct scents, but clothing and electronics companies may not see the potential of scent marketing at first. The reality is that Every Business Can Take Advantage Of This Form Of Branding with a little insight.

Using the example of clothing stores, imagine that your business launches a marketing campaign that focuses on leather. Accessories, jackets, and shoes may all be featured items for this campaign. One way to direct consumers to focus on that campaign and to help identify it with your brand is to specifically evoke the scent of leather throughout your store. Over time, this campaign and scent pairing can become synonymous with your brand to remind people of their past positive experiences with your clothing.

Did you know that grocery stores put fresh flowers at their main entrances followed by fruits and vegetables in order to invoke a feeling? When a shopper walking into that store is immediately making associations with warmer days, vibrant life, and fond memories. The rich colors found in various fruits and vegetables call to mind health and vitality, two things that are important for inspiring consumers to purchase fresh produce.

grocery store scent marketing

Grocery stores are just one example of how scent marketing can combine with a visual layout to alter the way that consumers approach your shop. The senses work best in harmony, and the science behind scent reveals that external associations are powerful supplements to the sense of scent. Smart and creative business owners can even adjust the scents in different zones of the store, and quite easily with our scent. Large department stores can use scents that align with different sections of their space to set the right mood for each target shopping group.

Therapeutic essential oil diffusion is the best method for delivering scents throughout stores. There are several devices that you can use depending on whether your store has central air and whether you’d like to establish a single scent throughout or implement varying scents in different departments. In either case, you can take advantage of these natural benefits of essential oils over candles and artificial scenting devices that just don’t cut it anymore.

shop owners signature scent

Essential Oils are a very natural approach to creating an alluring scent. With their naturally-occurring origin, these oils lack the chemical-like aroma that you will find in various artificial scenting products on the market. They have the same chemical composition as the natural scents that trigger memories and emotional reactions in your consumers.

Shoppers are far more likely to act on a purchase if they develop a sense of ownership in the product before hitting up the checkout line. The longer they remain in your store, the more likely they are to imagine themselves owning that product and follow through with a desire to purchase it. The right scents can easily inspire customers to shop longer and spend more, and we want to help you make that true in your business with our scent marketing services.

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