What Are The Benefits Of Cold Air Diffusion?

Today we’re looking at what are the benefits of cold air diffusion and why we think it is the safest and most healthy way to scent large spaces. A scent diffuser is an incredible way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in your home, car or in the workplace. Through the process of air diffusion, essential oils are transformed into a fine mist, thus allowing particles to evaporate in the air without leaving behind any trace. Most types of diffusers enable you to dial up or down the amount of oil used, meaning you can control how much scent you want. As a result, diffusers are an efficient and safe way to scent one or more rooms at a time in a way that you can easily control.

  • Long lasting scenting solution that uses less oil that other methods
  • No toxic fumes or residue is dispersed via this method
  • Easy to setup

Back in the day most people used heat or evaporation methods alone to disperse a scent through the home or office. These old-style diffusers rely on a candle or another heat source, this means that you risk losing the therapeutic benefits found in essential oils due to the heat breaking down the volatile compounds. Diffusion by evaporation, on the other hand, simply takes too long to be effective. To get the most out of these oils, you must find a way to distribute these compounds quickly while they are intact.

what are the benefits of cold-air diffusion

Cold air diffusers are the best when it comes to producing highly concentrated scents which can last for weeks in a large space or over several rooms. While they may not be as advantageous in small spaces, or in areas where you wish to humidify as well as scent, they provide you with greater control over the amount and duration of scenting you desire. Because of this, cold air diffusers have become the most popular method of diffusing oils in homes and offices.

Cold air diffusers work via a nebulization process that creates a long-lasting luxurious, scented mist. These diffusers allow for scent coverage of spaces small and large due to the nanoparticles being able to travel further, making them a great option for scenting your entire home or business.

The Magic Scent has a range of cold air diffusers that can cover any square footage, keeping in mind you can combine multiple units to scent large spaces. This technology also allows you to refill the scents way less than other traditional methods making life easier. Below is a mini guide to some of the best cold air diffuser options we offer and give you an idea just what size of a diffuser you’re going to need to scent your home, car or business with ease.

best Cold air Diffusers

If you’re on the market for your first cold air diffuser but are not sure what might be the best system for you, take a look at the following list. You have the option to have a standalone machine, or you can also get one that hooks into your HVAC system and further disperse that incredible scent. All our scents work with every machine and we offer many different bottle sizes and subscription packages so you’re never left without an aroma.

TMS 100 For 1,000 sq ft

The leader in scent making machines. 1,000 sq. feet of aromatherapy power. The TMS 100 scent diffuser is the perfect scent solution for small spaces and features a built-in fan option for a more even distribution. Use as an HVAC aroma diffuser or a standalone diffuser outside of your HVAC system for effortless aromatherapy in any room of your home or business.

TMS 300 for 3,000 sq ft

The TMS 300 is an aroma diffuser machine that combines an elegant design with customizable programming to ensure consistent and long-lasting aromatherapy benefits. As one of the best home fragrance systems, the waterless TMS 300 uses cold filtered air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles, ensuring consistent and subtle scenting while preserving the therapeutic properties of the aroma oils.

tms 1000 for 10,000 sq ft

Those looking to scent really large spaces will want to take a look at the TMS 1000 scenting machine which handles up to 10,000 square feet. This model is a totally new and customized HVAC aromatherapy system. It features adjustable scent intensity levels and can run up to three different programs per day. Our HVAC scent delivery system is the best essential oil diffuser for large spaces, and can cover significant areas either by using the built-in fan or by installing the diffuser inside your HVAC system with the included parts.

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