Are essential oil diffusers safe?

Essential oil diffusers use the most effective and advanced aroma delivery method in the aroma industry. Using a scent diffuser is a sure-fire way to make any type of space more inviting, cozy and add a sophisticated vibe to its atmosphere.

Aroma air diffusers provide you with the perfect option to get most out of the essential oils. It is proven that they have numerous therapeutic benefits and offer a beneficial effect to your physical and mental health.

The essential oils that are used in the aroma diffusion systems tend to be different kinds and they have different properties.

Essential oil diffusers should be handled with care. They are considered a safe technology but when they aren’t used in the right way, they bring some safety risks.

Both the aroma diffuser and the essential oil should be picked carefully with your specific preferences and health condition in mind. As long as you are using your aroma essential diffuser system in a correct way, you shouldn’t worry about your safety and the safety of your property’s inhabitants or customers.

People who suffer from respiratory problems, certain allergies, asthma or who are more sensitive to smells should be extra careful when picking up an aroma diffusion system.

People who have asthma can develop some unpleasant reactions to airborne compounds. Essential oils can exacerbate already existing asthmatic symptoms.

If you have atopic dermatitis or you have experienced reactions from atopic products in the past, you are likely to experience an allergic reaction from some essential oil kinds.

If you are a pet owner, you should also be careful when using an aroma diffuser at your home. You should observe how your pet reacts to the new aroma diffusion system. This step is important especially for cat owners. essential oil diffusion system.

There is evidence that essential oils can cause tremors in cats. If you see that your pet feels unwell and gets sick, you should ventilate the entire space. Bring your pet to a vet if the symptoms don’t go away.

Always check what your essential oil contains. Sometimes a pet can get a reaction by some of the added ingredients of the essential oil rather than the essential oil itself.

Tips how to use essential oil diffusers in a safe way:

Buy high-end essential oils

By choosing essential oils of high quality for you aroma diffusion you guarantee yourself not only an amazing fragrance but you also achieve a safe use.

Make sure to get your essential oils from an authoritative brand that is famous as some aroma companies produce essential oils with synthetic oils, chemical fillers in order to enhance the scent and save up on the production cost. These added ingredients can lead to health issues when diffused or inhaled.

The essential oils you will choose should be 100% natural, certified and they need to be free of toxic chemicals. Always check the labels of the essential oils to see whether they contain only raw ingredients. But you should know that there are cases in which not all of the ingredients are listed on the label of an essential oil.

You should also check the packaging. Pure essential oils can be found mainly in glass bottles of dark color such as black, brown or blue. That’s because they are highly concentrated and to be stored in a proper way they need such types of containers.

Check if you have any allergies

Although essential oils have many great health benefits and most of them are safe, they can still cause allergies and other negative reactions sometimes. Essential oils contain organic compounds that can irritate the airways and people with asthma can develop some symptoms from them.

You should always test a new essential oil before you use it in the aroma diffuser to see if you have allergies.

There is one way to find out if you are allergic to a certain essential oil. Take a cotton band-aid. Pour one drop of your chosen type of essential oil and half a teaspoon of coconut oil on the band-aid.

Put the band-aid onto your inner arm at the spot below the wrist and leave it to stay there for about 15 min. if you don’t get any reaction afterwards, then you can use this essential oil for scenting your space.

If you get hives or a red itchy rash appears on your skin, you should visit a doctor.

You can dilute an essential oil into carrier oil sand then apply it to your skin. In this way you can avoid getting a reaction from it.

Pregnancy and aroma diffusers

Pregnant women should consult with a doctor first before starting to use an essential oil diffuser. There isn’t much research about the potential risks for pregnant women when using essential oils.

That is why if you are expecting a baby, you should consult with your doctor whether it’s safe for you to use an essential oil diffuser. Until then, you should limit or avoid the use of essential oil diffusers.

Use the right amount of essential oil

Each aroma diffusion system has a recommended amount of essential oil drops. You should use the same exact amount or less and this counts even in the cases when you are mixing different kinds of essential oils.

Avoid using too much of your essential oil. Excessive use of essential oils can cause nausea and headaches. The effect of one and the same essential oil can be different depending on whether the essential oil is used at a public place or a home environment. The type of place and its size determines the intensity of a certain essential oil.

Essential oil blends offer a maximized therapeutic effect. Essential oils can be blended in different ways and you can create your scent blend.

The general rule when blending essential oils is to mix essential oils either of the same brand or essential oils with the same therapeutic qualities. For example, it’s good to pair relaxing essential oils with essential oils that have the same relaxing properties.

Clean your aroma diffusion the right way

Essential oil diffusers should be easy for cleaning and maintenance so that they don’t become a thriving ground for microbes.

Regular and proper aroma diffuser clean-up offers protection against bacterial growth, mold build-up and cross-contamination. Each aroma diffusion system comes with a user manual where you will find the recommended cleaning frequency for the scent machine.

In general, it’s recommended to clean your scent diffuser once a month. This will ensure that the aroma diffusion system operates in the way it should and it doesn’t create any health risk.

If your aroma diffusion system works with water, you should not leave the water unchanged for a long period of time.

Avoid leaving your scent diffuser to work for a whole day, especially if it’s a new one. It should work for around 30 min. and then be turned off for an hour. In this way you will avoid excessive use of the essential oils and save yourself some negative effects.

But the duration of a specific scent mainly depends on what type of model your essential oil diffuser is. Some aroma diffusion systems have a timer that can be set in the way you like and they are customizable.

You can choose the duration of each scent diffusion and the intensity. This option makes aroma diffusion systems convenient for bringing your favourite fragrances into any business or residential place you want and in the most suitable way for you.

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