Scent in Business


People have developed their basic senses from the early beginning of human life in order to understand and interpret the whole environment. Nature has wisely created everything around us, by giving them generously their own form, beauty and… scent! Therefore, it is indisputable that everything into the nature has its own unique scent. To be more specific, every creature has its special scent through which it declares its identity and invites the other creatures to communicate with each other. It is said that the right scent is considered to be an ideal communication tool. It is also a fact that a business environment without a scent cannot communicate with its customers so strongly and effectively. Since business places, such as stores, retail chains, hotels, etc., are considered a human creation, they are not expected to have their own natural scent. Our company strongly recommends not only a simple scent to each place but its own unique scent that sends the right “unique” messages to its customers.

  • Scent is the closest sense linked to the memory
  • The sense of smell is responsible for 80% of what we taste
  • The sense of smell is at work even when we are sleeping
  • Every day 75% of our emotions can be generated by smell
  • With 40% accuracy we remember what we see for one month, with up to 60% accuracy we remember what we smell for an entire year, the combination of sight and smell enhanced results further

Most of the international companies have known for decades that certain scents can get customers in the buying spirit.
Perhaps you have visited the stores of Abercrombie & Fitch at least once … and there is no ordinary thing, there is the right scent!

  • A study in a financial services company concluded that staff made 40% fewer errors when surrounded by the smell of cinnamon
  • Tests using peppermint were reported to increase efficiency whilst maintaining a clean, neutrally fresh, invigorating atmosphere
  • When inhaled, certain diffused essential oils help to boost the body’s immune system
  • Increase of sales
  • 3 times more memorable than sight alone
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Encourage positive memory
  • Get a better ROI on your marketing with inexpensive experience enhancement

Remember, Scent marketing provides you with RESULTS, RESULTS and again… RESULTS

We hope that all the above, together with our systematic communication, will help you deeply understand and develop our unique philosophy. Please remember that you have at your disposal a special methodology and all the appropriate tools in order to make the difference in the Scent Marketing World.


We at The Magic Scent understand that customer service and interaction is paramount. It is our duty to help you quantify the customer response and help your business use our product to develop the most advantageous response. We provide the advantage that larger global companies use to take market share away from smaller businesses that have never been offered such turn-key service.

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If you do not have a multi-million dollars marketing budget as the companies listed above, get the same results in the same way with us!


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