1 drop- 5 actions!

1. It disinfects

Each drop of “DIOTAN OCEAN FRESH” reduces the number of bacteria by 100,000 times, i.e. the product eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

2. It cleans

Each drop of “DIOTAN OCEAN FRESH” contains two powerful and effective detergents in concentrated form which allow for fast and effective cleaning.

3. It neutralizes odors

Contains Odor-X, effectively counteracting unpleasant odors, specially developed to neutralize organic unpleasant odors which are formed from the uric acid and the organic odors and releases unique scent in the atmosphere which improves hygiene and the lavatory.

4. It prevents scale

Each drop of “DIOTAN OCEAN FRESH” contains the powerful ingredient EDTA, a substance that captures the water ions causing scale. This protects the lavatory pan and all piping from water with high levels of salt.

5. It aromatizes

Each drop of “DIOTAN OCEAN FRESH” contains the Ocean Fresh aroma, specially developed for your lavatory, which has a nice scent and creates a complete feeling of freshness and cleanliness.